Conferences 2004

1.  56th Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, 10-13.11.2004, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

  • Paliakov, E.; Strekowski, L.; Say, M.; Bojarski, A.J.; Macfarlane, D.; Manzel, L.; 3D QSAR Study (CoMFA) of 4-Aminoquinolines, Inhibitors of CpG-ODN Driven Response; Book of Abstracts, p.373. Abstract

2. Complexity in the Living: A Problem – Oriented Approach, 28-30.09.2004, Rome, Italy

  • Testa, B.; Vistoli, G.; Pedretti, A.; Bojarski, A.; Computational Explorations of the Property Space of Biomolecules; Book of Abstracts, p.7. Abstract
  • Bojarski, A.J.; Nowak, M.; Testa, B.; The Transformation of Free Amino Acids to Protein Residues – A Study on Dissolvence; Book of Abstracts, p.P4. Abstract Poster

3. XVIIIth International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, 15-19.08.2004, Copenhagen, Denmark & Malmö, Sweden

  • Bojarski, A.J.; Paluchowska, M.H.; Duszyńska, B.; Kłodzińska, A.; Tatarczyńska, E.; Chojnacka-Wójcik, E.; Flexible and corresponding conformationally constrained arylpiperazines: synthesis, binding to serotonin 5-HT1A, 5-HT2A, α1-adrenergic and dopaminergic D2 receptors, and in vivo 5-HT1A functional characteristics; Drugs of the Future, vol. 29, Suppl. A, p.295. Abstract Poster
  • Bojarski, A.J.; Duszyńska, B.; Nedza, K.; Kowalska, T.; Mitka, K.; Kowalski, P.; The impact of spacer modifications on 5-HT1A/5-HT7 receptor selectivity in the group of arylpiperazine ligands; Drugs of the Future, vol. 29, Suppl. A, p.363. Abstract Poster

4. The Fourth Multidisciplinary Conference on Drug Research, 17-19.05.2004, Gdańsk-Sobieszewo, Poland

  • Bojarski, A.J.; Nowak, M.; Paluchowska, M.H.; Duszyńska, B.; Chojnacka-Wójcik, E.; Conformationally Constrained Arylpiperazines as Tools for SAR studies and in the Modelling of the 5-HT1A Receptor; Book of Abstracts, p.K-12.
  • Kowalski, P.; Kowalska, T.; Mitka, K.; Nędza, K.; Bojarski, A.J.; Tatarczyńska, E.; Chojnacka-Wójcik, E.; Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of cis– and trans-2-Butene Arylpiperazine Derivatives Investigated as 5-HT1A Receptor Ligands; Book of Abstracts, p.P-3.Abstract
  • Bojarski, A.J.; Duszyńska, B.; Boksa, J.; Nędza, K.; Kowalska, T.; Mitka, K.; Kowalski, P.; Preliminary SAR Studies on the Serotonin 5-HT7 Receptor Activity in the Group of MM-77 Derived Compounds; Book of Abstracts, p.P-4. Abstract Poster
  • Kowalska, T.; Kowalski, P.; Bojarski, A.J.; Duszyńska, B.; Studies on the Syntheses of 1-Substituted Benzimidazole Derivatives; Book of Abstracts, p.P-5.
  • Bugno, R.; Paluchowska, M.H.; Koziol, A.; Nedza, K.; Conformationally Restricted Analogs of MP-3022 as 5-HT1A Receptors Ligands; Book of Abstracts, p.P-8.Abstract
  • Bugno, R.; Paluchowska, M.H.; Charakchieva-Minol, S.; Koziol, A.; Imides versus Amides – New Analogs of NAN-190 and MM-77 – 5-HT1A Receptors Ligands; Book of Abstracts, p.P-9. Abstract
  • Zajdel, P.; Subra, G.; Bojarski, A.J.; Duszyńska, B.; Martinez, J.; Pawłowski, M.; Parallel Solid Phase Synthesis and Characterization of New Sulfonamide and Amide Proline Derivatives as Potential CNS Agent; Book of Abstracts, p.P-89. Abstract
  • Paluchowska, M.H.; Bugno, R.; Charakchieva-Minol, S.; Duszyńska, B.; Tatarczynska, E.; Klodzińska, A.; Stachowicz, K.; Flexible and Conformationally Constrained 1-Arylpiperazine Analogs of Gepirone; Book of Abstracts, p.P-126. Abstract
  • Paluchowska, M.H.; Charakchieva-Minol, S.; Bojarski, A.J.; Tatarczyńska, E.; Kłodzińska, A.; Stachowicz, K.; Functional in vivo Profile of New Analogs of MM77 and MP349 with Modified Imide Fragment at Postsynaptic 5-HT1A Receptors; Book of Abstracts, p.P-127. Abstract Poster
  • Kołaczkowski, M.; Żylewski, M.; Bojarski, A.J.; Pawłowski, M.; Conformational Analysis of Flexible Long Chain Arylpiperazines Using Semiempirical Calculations with Solvent Effects; Book of Abstracts, p.P-152.Abstract