Adam Hogendorf’s PhD defense

Dawid Warszycki’s PhD defense

Grzegorz Satała’s PhD defense

Stefan Mordalski’s PhD defense

Participation of Rafał Kurczab and Dawid Warszycki in the 11th German Conference on Chemoinformatics

Participation of the Department members in the VIIth Conversatory on Medicinal Chemistry

Participation of Jakub Staroń at European School of Medicinal Chemistry in Urbino (Italy)

Adam Hogendorf, Rafał Kurczab and Stefan Mordalski participated in the GLISTEN Allschwil 2015 conference

Christmas meeting

Participation of ZChL members in the GLISTEN Budapest 2014 Conference

Working visit of Mari Gabrielsen from the University of Tromsø

Participation of the ZChL members in the VI Conversatory on Medicinal Chemistry in Lublin

Working visit of prof. Ingebrigt Sylte from the University of Tromsø

Participation of the Molecular Modeling Group in Barcelona GPCR Spring Conference 2014

Rafal Kurczab’s party on the occasion of being awarded the title of PhD

Rafał Kurczab’s PhD defence

Participation of Jagna Witek, Sabina Smusz, Rafał Kurczab and Krzysztof Rataj in the 8th German Conference on Cheminformatics

Participation in the 5th Conversatory of Medicinal Chemistry