Conferences 2003

1. XXXVI Polish Seminar on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Its Applications, 1-2.12.2003, Krakow, Poland

  • Żylewski, M.; Cegła, M.T.; Kowalski, P.; Kowalska, T.; Paluchowska, M.H.; Bugno, R.; Bojarski, A.; Conformation of arylpiperazines with long side chain – 2D NMR investigations; Abstracts, p.104. Abstract

2. Groupe Francais des Peptides et des Proteines, 2003, Anglet Biarritz, France

  • Zajdel, P.; Martinez, J.; Pawlowski, M.; Duszyńska, B.; Subra, G.; Synthese d’une chimiotheque d’arylpiperazines sur Lanternes Synphase; Book of Abstracts, p.87.

3. Polish-Austrian-German-Hungarian-Italian Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, 15-18.10.2003, Krakow, Poland

  • Żylewski, M.; Cegła, M.T.; Kowalski, P.; Kowalska, T.; Paluchowska, M.H.; Bugno, R.; Bojarski, A.J.; Conformational studies of long chain arylpiperazines using NMR techniques; Book of Abstracts, p.65. Abstract
  • Nowak, M.; Bojarski, A.J.; The Modeling of the 5-HT1A Receptor, Based on an Interaction with Arylpiperazine Derivatives with Restricted Conformational Flexibility; Book of Abstracts, p.83. Abstract Poster
  • Zajdel, P.; Pawłowski, M.; Subra, G.; Martinez, J.; Bojarski, A.J.; Duszyńska, B.; Solid phase synthesis of arylpiperazine library as potential 5-HT receptors ligands; Book of Abstracts , p.53. Abstract
  • Kowalski, P.; Suder, P.; Kowalska, T.; Silberring, J.; Bojarski, A.J.; ESI-Mass spectrometric studies of the non-covalent complexes of hydrochlorides of arylpiperazine derivatives; Book of Abstracts, p.66. Abstract
  • Duszyńska, B.; Nędza, K.; Wasylewski, M.; Bojarski, A.J.; The screening of a library of arylpiperazine derivatives for 5-HT7 receptor affinity; Book of Abstracts, p.67. Abstract Poster
  • Paluchowska, M.H.; Charakchieva-Minol, S.; Kozioł, A.; Tatarczyńska, E.; Kłodzińska, A.; Stachowicz, K.; Bojarski, A.J.; Functional in vivo profile of the conformationally restricted arylpiperazine analogues MP349 and MP401 at serotonin 5HT1A receptors; Book of Abstracts, p.64. Abstract Poster
  • Jurczyk, S.; Maryniak, E.; Kołaczkowski, M.; Pawłowski, M.; Tatarczyńska, E.; Kłodzińska, A.; Chojnacka-Wójcik, E.; Bojarski, A.J.; Charakchieva-Minol, S.; Duszyńska, B.; Nowak, G.; Maciag, D.; Synthesis, in vitro and in vivo Pharmacological Evaluation of new Arylpiperazines Containing a Pyrimido[2,1-f]purine Fragment; Book of Abstracts, p.52. Abstract

4. XLVI Zjazd Naukowy PTChem, 15-18.09.2003, Lublin, Poland

  • Bugno, R.; Czarakcziewa-Minol, S.; Paluchowska, M.H.; Arylopiperazynowe pochodne 2-pirolidynonu jako ligandy receptorów 5-HT1A; Materiały zjazdowe, p.930. Abstract
  • Boksa, J.; Duszyńska, B.; Nedza, K.; Synteza nowych ligandów receptora 5-HT7; Materialy zjazdowe, p.931.
  • Kowalski, P.; Suder, P.; Kowalska, T.; Silberring, J.; Duszyńska, B.; Nowak, M.; Bojarski, A.J.; ESI-Mass Spectrometric Studies of Non-Covalent Complexes of Amine Hydrochlorides; Materiały zjazdowe, p.51.

5. 12th International Symposium of Polish Network of Molecular and Cellular Biology “Molecular and Physiological Aspects of Regulatory Processes of the Organism”, 2003, Krakow, Poland

  • Stachowicz, K.; Wesolowska, A.; Paluchowska, M.H.; 5-HT1A/2A receptor functional activity of new arylpiperazines containing diphenylmethylamino or diphenylmethoxy moiety; Book of Abstracts, p.401.