Conferences 2012

1. XLIV Ogólnopolskie Kolokwium Katalityczne, 14-16.05.2012, Kraków, Poland

  • Rugor, A.; Derner, A.; Szaleniec, M.; Witko, M.; Bojarski, A.; A novel steroid C-25 dehydrogenase as a useful tool in synthesis of pharmaceuticals; Book of Abstracts.

2.  5th Symposium of the Polish Bioinformatics Society, 25-27.05.2012, Gdańsk, Poland

  • Smusz, S.; Kurczab, R.; Bojarski, A.J.; Composition of the set of inactives and the performance in the classification of bioactive compounds by machine learning methods; Book of Abstracts, p. Talk3. Abstract Poster
  • Mordalski, S.; Witek, J.; Rataj, K.; Smusz, S.; Bojarski, A.J.; A SIFt-guided approach to docking restrains assignment. An application to Virtual Screening;  Book of Abstracts, p.Talk10. Abstract Poster
  • Warszycki, D.; Satała, G.; Staroń, J.; Bojarski, A.J.; Bioisosteric replacement in search for novel 5-HT6R ligands; Book of Abstracts, p.Talk19. Abstract Poster
  • Kurczab, R.; Mordalski, S.; Kościółek, T.; Bojarski, A.J.; The novel approach in structure-based 3D pharmacophore model generation and its evaluation on 5-HT6R homology models; Book of Abstracts, p.Talk20. Abstract Poster
  • Rataj, K.; Witek, J.; Kościółek, T.; Mordalski, S.; Bojarski, A.J.; Impact of template choice on quality of 5-HT6 receptor homology models; Book of Abstracts, p.Poster33. Abstract Poster
  • Witek, J.; Rataj, K.; Kościółek, T.; Mordalski, S.; Bojarski, A.J.; Structural Interaction Fingerprints as a tool for assessing ligand selectivity between two targets; Book of Abstracts, p.Poster42. Abstract Poster

3. The Eight Multidisciplinary Conference on Drug Research, 30.05-01.06.2012, Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland

  • Zajdel, P.; Kurczab, R. ; Grychowska, K.; Szymiec, M.; Glanowski, G.; Kamiński, K.; Satała, G.; Pawłowski, M.; Bojarski, A.J.; The multiobjective based design, synthesis and evaluation of the arylsulfonamide/amide derivatives of arylxyethyl- and arylthioethyl piperidines and pyrrolidines as a novel class of potent 5-HT7 receptor antagonists; Book of Abstracts, p.74. Abstract

4. 28th CINP World Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology, 03-07.06.2012, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Wróbel, D.; Jastrzębska-Więsek, M.; Partyka, A.; Zajdel, P.; Pawlowski, M.; Marciniec, K.; Maślankiewicz, A.; Bojarski, A.; Satała, G.; Wesolowska, A.; Potential antidepressant, but not anitpsychotic, activity of new 2,3-dichlorophenylpiperazines containing quinoline- or isoquinoline-sulfonamide moieties in behavioral models in mice; Book of Abstracts, p.77.

5. The Twenty First Days of Neuropsychopharmacology, 10-13.06.2012, Ustroń-Jaszowiec, Poland

  • Brański, P.; Stankiewicz, A.; Bojarski, A.; Burnat, G.; Chorobik, P.; Chruścicka, B.; Bugno, R.; Pałucha-Poniewiara, A.; Pilc, A.; IF270750: Synthesis and pharmacology of novel mGluR4 positive allosteric modulator;  Pharmacological Reports, 2012, 64, p.470.
  • Kurczab, R.; Bojarski, A.J.; The searching of novel PAM of mGluR III by Virtual Screening of commercial chemical databases; Pharmacological Reports, 2012, 64, p.473. Abstract
  • Stankiewicz, A.; Bugno, R.; Brański, P.; Bojarski, A.J.; Design and synthesis of novel metabotropic glutamate receptor allosteric modulators; Pharmacological Reports, 2012, 64, p.473. Abstract
  • Trela, M.; Brański, P.; Bojarski, A.J.; Indole-like heterocyclic compounds as a new core structure in search of potential allosteric modulators of group III metabotropic glutamate receptors; Pharmacological Reports, 2012, 64, p.505. Abstract

6.     The 5th Conversatory of Medicinal Chemistry, 13-15.09.2012, Lublin, Poland

  • Mordalski, S.; Smusz, S.; Esmaielbeiki, R.; Bojarski, A.J.; Feature selection for structure based pharmacophore model by means of Structural Interaction Fingerprint and 3D motif;  Book of Abstracts, p.P-95. Abstract Poster
  • Guzik, P.; Canale, V.; Verdie, P.; Kurczab, R.; Satała, G.; Pawłowski, M.; Martinez, J.; Subra, G.; Bojarski, A.J.; Zajdel, P.; Long-Chain Arylpiperazine Derivatives with Cyclic Amino Acid Amide Fragments as Potential 5-HT7 Receptor Ligands; Book of Abstracts, p.P-93.Abstract
  • Zajdel, P.; Kurczab, R.; Grychowska, K.; Szymiec, M. ; Glanowski, G.; Satała, G.; Pawłowski, M.; Bojarski, A.J.; The Multiobjective Based Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of the Arylsulfonamide/amide Derivatives of Arylxyethyl- and Arylthioethyl Piperidines and Pyrrolidines as a Novel Class of Potent 5-HT7 Receptor Antagonists; Book of Abstracts, p.P-92.Abstract
  • Witek, J.; Rataj, K.; Mordalski, S.; Kościółek, T.; Bojarski, A.J.; Selected Transmembrane Receptors – Structures, Interactions and Binding Site Analysis; Book of Abstracts, p.P-87. Abstract Poster
  • Smusz, S.; Kurczab, R. ; Bojarski, A.J.; Machine Learning Method as a Tool for Searching New 5-HT6 Ligands in Fingerprint-Based Consensus Experiment; Book of Abstracts, p.P-65. Abstract Poster
  • Satała, G.; Nędza, K.; Bojarski, A.J.; Cooperative Properties of Zinc Binding to 5-HT7 Receptor – Pilot Studies; Book of Abstracts, p.P-63. Abstract Poster
  • Rataj, K.; Witek, J.; Mordalski, S.; Kristiansen, K.; Smusz, S.; Bojarski, A.J.; Mutation Mining: Automated Extraction of Mutation Data from Scientific Publications; Book of Abstracts, p.P-59. Abstract Poster
  • Morak-Młodawska, B.; Bojarski, A.J.; Satała, G.; Pluta, K.; Jeleń, M.; New Dipirydothiazine Derivatives – Potential Inhibitors of Dopaminergic and Serotoninergic Receptors; Book of Abstracts, p.P-45. Abstract
  • Kurczyk, A.; Warszycki, D.; Kafel, R.; Musioł, R.; Bojarski, A.J.; Polański, J.; Development of Multistep Ligand-Based Virtual Screening Cascade Methodology in a Search for Novel HIV-1 Integrase nhibitors: 1. Machine Learning; Book of Abstracts, p.P-33.Abstract
  • Kurczab, R.; Warszycki, D.; Bojarski, A.J.; The Novel Approach in Structure-Based 3D Pharmacophore Model Generation. An Application to Searching for 5-HT6R Selectivity Hypothesis; Book of Abstracts, p.P-32. Abstract Poster
  • Grychowska, K.; Marciniec, K.; Szymiec, M.; Satała, G.; Bojarski, A.J.; Maślankiewicz, A.; Pawłowski, M.; Zajdel, P.; An Influence of Aryloxy-/Arylthio-ethyl Fragment on 5-HT1A/5-HT7 Receptor Selectivity in a Group of Quinolinesulfonamide Derivatives of Aryloxyethyl- and Arylthioethyl- Piperidines; Book of Abstracts, p.P18. Abstract
  • Czopek, A.; Zajdel, P. ; Satała, G.; Bojarski, A.J.; Pawłowski, M.; An Impact of Halogen Position in 4-Phenylpiperazine of LCAPs with Spirohydantoins on the 5-HT1A/5-HT7 Receptor Selectivity; Book of Abstracts, p.P-12. Abstract
  • Warszycki, D.; Kurczyk, A.; Kafel, R.; Musioł, R.; Bojarski, A.J.; Polański, J.; Development of Multistep Ligand-Based Virtual Screening Cascade Methodology in a Search for Novel HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors: 2. Privileged Fragments; Book of Abstracts, p.C-7. Abstract Poster

7. 6th Summer School Medicinal Chemistry, 26-28.09.2012, Regensburg, Germany

  • Morak-Młodawska, B.; Pluta, K.; Jeleń, M.; Bojarski, A.J.; Satała, G.; Suwińska, K.; New Phenothiazine Analogues – Synthesis, Structure and Biological Activities; Book of Abstracts, p.251. Abstract

8. 22nd International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, EFMC-ISMC, 02-06.09.2012, Berlin, Germany

  • Mocanu, O.; Voinea, R. ; Badarau, E.; Grig-Alexa, I.; Panek, J.; Morisset-Lopez, S.; Satała, G.; Bojarski, A.J.; Finaru, A.L.; Suzenet, F.; Guillaumet, G.; New benzimidazolone derivatives as ligands for the 5-HT7 receptors; Book of Abstracts.

9. 5th SFB-Symposium, 24-25.09.2012, Vienna, Austria

  • Gabrielsen, M.; Kurczab, R.; Siwek, A.; Wolak, M.; Ravna, A.W.; Kristiansen, K.; Kufaraeva, I.; Abagyan, R.; Nowak, G.; Chilmonczyk, Z.; Sylte, I.; Bojarski, A.J.; Identification of Novel Serotonin Transporter Compounds by Virtual Screening and Experimental Verification; Book of Abstracts, p.51. Abstract

10. The 8. German Conference on Cheminformatics, 11-13.11.2012, Goslar, Niemcy

  • Smusz, S.; Kurczab., R; Bojarski, A.J. The influence of hashed fingerprints density on the machine learning methods performance, Book of Abstracts: P-27. Abstract Poster
  • Witek, J.; Rataj, K.; Smusz, S.; Mordalski, S.; Kosciolek, T. Bojarski A.J. Application of Structural Interaction Fingerprints into post-docking analysis – insight into activity and selectivity, Book of Abstracts: P-30. Abstract Poster
  • Rataj, K.; Witek, J.; Kosciolek, T.; Mordalski, S.; Bojarski A.J. The importance of template choice on homology modeling: A 5-HT6R-based study, Book of Abstracts: P-10 Abstract Poster
  • Kurczab, R.; Smusz, S.; Bojarski A.J. The influence of training actives/inactives ratio on machine learning performance, Book of Abstracts: P-32. Abstract Poster